A Story About Bellingham To Birch Bay On The “Road Less Traveled”

Most people decide to head up Interstate 5 from Bellingham to Birch Bay. Not bad if you want to get from Point A to Point B. But as I left Bellingham in the rain heading to the on-ramp, I decided to take the “Road Less Traveled”.

Heading out Holly to Marine Drive, I noticed that our friends had left for Belize as I passed their house (we visited them earlier).  Passing Fort Bellingham the sky was beginning to break to the west.

On the Ferndale Road, I could see the creeks were running high from the rain, although crossing the Nooksack; it looked like the water level was falling.

Slater Road was next, and I decided to stop in at Barlean’s Seafood. They got a new shipment of Dungeness Crab today and I left there with two crabs weighing in at 5.88 pounds. One crab weighed in at 3.12 pounds.

A Day In The Mallard Cabin

The Mallard Cabin has recently been redone at the Tide Catcher and it seemed like a good idea to get a few shots up on the Blog here.

Later in the day, with the sun hot, the beach hot and the tide coming in, the people who had been sitting out there for the day enjoyed the incoming tide until it was up to their waist.

Waiting For The Tide
Waiting For The Tide

And the night always holds for beautiful sunsets.  This one was particularly neat with the moon set at sunset.

Moon Set at Sun Set
Moon Set at Sun Set

Birds In Birch Bay

Hey, while staying in the Brant Cabin one day, I decided to go out and see what kind of bird life I could find.  Down by Birch Bay State Park I found a couple Blue Herons and a Crow….

I have never been into bird watching, in fact I used to hunt.  It seems really neat to be able to hunt birds with my camera now.  I shot all of these with my Nikon D300 with a 200-500mm lens.