A Story About Bellingham To Birch Bay On The “Road Less Traveled”

Most people decide to head up Interstate 5 from Bellingham to Birch Bay. Not bad if you want to get from Point A to Point B. But as I left Bellingham in the rain heading to the on-ramp, I decided to take the “Road Less Traveled”.

Heading out Holly to Marine Drive, I noticed that our friends had left for Belize as I passed their house (we visited them earlier).  Passing Fort Bellingham the sky was beginning to break to the west.

On the Ferndale Road, I could see the creeks were running high from the rain, although crossing the Nooksack; it looked like the water level was falling.

Slater Road was next, and I decided to stop in at Barlean’s Seafood. They got a new shipment of Dungeness Crab today and I left there with two crabs weighing in at 5.88 pounds. One crab weighed in at 3.12 pounds.

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